It Don't Matter


Kid Abelha

Compositor: Donavon Frankenreiter

Every day people like you and me
Just want to live naturally
Time told you and you told me
Nothing's gonna get us down, can't you see

I said if it don't matter to you
It don't matter to me
If it don't matter to you
It don't matter to me

People all around making sounds
And all kinds of noise
If I could only get there then I could enjoy
Who they're trying to be who they're trying to fool
Let's change the mood right now
Turn down the lights, it's time to cool it down

Yesterday and what we could be,
It don't matter
Getting more of what we don't need,
It don't matter
Everything unless I'm with you
It doesn't matter to me
Bring it on down bring it on down to me
Sing it on down sing it on down for me

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